From Life Insurance to Payroll, HR, and Incorporation, Be protected and well invested. Be UmbrellaSure

Everything the Modern Entrepreneur Needs


Launching, managing, and growing a business is complicated. From understanding the tax code to paying your employees while ensuring that the company is safe for the future, you have to wear many hats.


You did not start your business to become a lawyer or insurance officer. You started it because you are good at something else, so why not be UmbrellaSure? Why not know your business is on the right track?



How Can We Help?


What you do at the start of your business can greatly affect its success in the long run.


UmbrellaSure provides all of the services the modern entrepreneur needs to start off on the right foot and continue to sustainably grow their business over time.


Don’t make the same mistakes others have made. Have the surety your business is safe, protected, and profitable!


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Form Your Company Easily and Quickly


Starting an LLC, S-Corp, Non-Profit or other entity can feel confusing. Choosing the wrong designation could lead to higher taxes and other complications that no first-time businessowner should have to worry about.


While many choose to go it alone and try to become an expert overnight, the successful entrepreneurs choose the advice and guidance from the experts at UmbrellaSure!


We work with you through the entire process. From determining the type of entity your company should be to helping you with all of the paperwork and submission, you handle it all, providing you with peace of mind, a solid foundation, and giving you back your time to focus on the core of your products and services.


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We Take the Hassle Out of Entrepreneurship


With UmbrellaSure, we help elevate your company by removing any of the confusion that first-time and beginning entrepreneurs face. No amount of business classes or online guides can provide the satisfaction of having peace of mind.


We help protect and insure your payroll, human resources department, and your life, to keep the business headed in the right direction with a solid foundation.


Prepare for the Future with Business Insurance 


You’re never too young to take out a life insurance policy, and when you’re a small businessowner, you should consider it insurance on the life of your business. If the worst were to happen, without a clear policy, your business might not be able to survive without.


With UmbrellaSure policies, you can insure that your business can survive or can help keep your loved ones financially secure.


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What Our Packages Include


Whether you work with us to incorporate your business or for insurance purposes, our packages include the following:


  • Verifiably Unique Company Names

  • Article Preparation and Filing

  • Personal Agent Services

  • Lifelong Customer Support

  • Online Access to Essential Documents and Paperwork


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